Automate your iOS apps using Bitrise

Gokhan Gultekin
10 min readDec 24, 2018

After 4 months of using Bitrise, I felt like I should share with the community how powerful this tool is. It will be good to make a quick introduction to automation and see why exactly we need a tool for it. Let’s start with quick intro to automation in iOS and see how new tool can speed our development.

What is “automation” in software engineering?

Developing, testing and deploying needs so much attention and time for the teams. Especially, if you are making all these steps manually. You have to be careful on each step for avoiding possible mistakes. Automating the whole development/testing process increases your software product quality and saves a lot of time for you and your team.

There are some steps that you should know in the automation process, such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. Let’s explain them in a nutshell:

Continuous Integration

Let’s say your team has more than one developer who works on the same project, and you are working on Git. Assume that one developer makes a Pull Request, all the unit tests can be run on a shared computer (remote or local). After tests completed running, you know that they succeeded or failed. If the tests passed you can start making code review. Otherwise, the developer gets notified that a test has failed and something should be fixed. After everything is getting ready, code can be merged with no hassle. This process is called Continuous Integration and it helps you to automate development, tests and integration process without wasting much time.

Continuous Delivery

Each build cycle for a feature or a sprint is called Continuous Delivery. You can deliver your feature/sprint branch to integrate continuously.

If you already know Joel Spolsky who is the Co-Founder of Stack Overflow and Trello, probably you heard that he has a test called “Joel Test”. It measures the quality of software development teams to better code. “Making daily builds” is one of the important steps to better code for him. If you want to check all of the steps, click the link below:



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